More choices and availability through entire aircraft disassembly.

Meet George. He dismantles and parts-out your airplane, making it super easy for you to sit back, relax, and collect money for your parts.

Your Part-Out Program Benefits:

  •  CARE is here for you every step of the way
  •  Custom part-out contract designed to fit your needs
  •  Our A&Ps dismantle and part-out your airplane
  •  Your parts are tagged as serviceable, repairable or issued an 8130 depending on condition
  •  Your parts are stored in our climate controlled showhouse
  •  Your parts get maximum online exposure
  •  Our relationships within the industry ensure unparalleled service

🧠The Smart Way to Part-Out Your Plane🛩
CARE™ ensures your part-out experience will go as easy and smoothly as possible

Each Part-Out Contract Is Designed to Fit the Needs of the Customer

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